Hi, I’m Jon, a Wales (UK) born, now Chef who loves cooking espicially over fire. With over 10 years experience across all aspects of the hospitality and catering industry.

I’ve always been curious about cooking and BBQ’s (as most) since wathcing my Mother and a group of her friends doing a big party when I was young. My career took me on a different path, until 2010 I decided to go to catering college and with my pervious experience I was accepted in to the kitchens of Michelin starred chefs.

My first experience of BBQ competitions, saw me go as a cocky chef who knew best… I got my perverable handed to me on a plate. Even though I came 5th in the Chicken round, I went away to learn the art properly.

Chicken Wings Grillstock
Tempering Chocolate GoT

Since, here’s some of my achievements in my quest to master the skills needed:

  • Game of Tongs – Won – Live fire cooking, were I joined the team from the Quarter House in Manchester
  • Lord of the Flames – Won – BBQ Competition
  • Brew n Que – 2nd in UK and 10th in Europe – BBQ Competition
  • Chilli Cook Off Gower Regional – Runner Up
  • Chilli Cook Off Finals – Runner Up – Qualified for World Food Competition in the USA
  • Grillstock – Won Chefs Choice with my Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe
  • Upton Cheyney Chilli Off Finals – Runner Up – Qualified for World Food Competition in the USA
  • North West Chilli Cook Off – Won

I have now decided to document my recipes and techniques to help those who want it. I’ve poured everything I’ve got into my range of mind-blowingly tasty recipes, that are not only supremely GOOD, but you will also WOW your family and friends