Beef Short Ribs

Beef Short Ribs

This is a step by step guide to grass fed Beef Short Ribs or Jacob’s Ladder cooked on the BBQ.

Serves: 2 People

Allergens: May Contain Celery in Bovril

Time: 6hrs (includes 1 hour resting)

BBQ Used: Monolith Le Chef Ceramic


1 Rack of Beef Short Ribs
100g French’s Classic Mustard
Beef Rub

Wrapping Liquid:
1 TBSP Bovril
1 Beef Stock Cube
250ML Boiling Water


1. Remove any excess fat if needed and any bare Silver skin on show.

2. Apply the mustard all over and then your favourite beef rub.

Note: Do this at least 1 hour before your planned cook. Also, if the rub has a high salt content, then no more than 8 hours before as it can start curing.

3. Setup smoker for an indirect cook at 135C.

Note: I used a couple of chunks of Oak wood.

4. Place the seasoned Beef Ribs on the smoker.

5. Bring the Bovril and Beef Stock to the boil in water and simmer for 5 minutes.

6. When the bark has set (around 72-75C) wrap the ribs with the re-heated wrapping liquid in a double layer of tin foil.

Note: These took 3 hours to reach 75C. Also, wrapping is down to personal preference but I find it speeds up the cooking process.

7. Take the Ribs off when they probe like butter, these were 95C which took a further 1.5 hours after wrapping.

Note: The temperature may vary, they are done when tender.

8. Open the tin foil for 15 minutes to vent the Ribs.

Note: Venting stops the cooking process.

9. Wrap in a towel and place in a cool box for 1-2hours before slicing.

My Opinion on the Cook

Usually, this cut contains 3-4 Rib bones but I cut it in half for another video (coming soon!). As such, it was done in 4.5 hours but then rested for a further hour to allow the meat to relax which makes for a juicy tender bite. You can use any Beef rub or even a SPG (Salt Pepper & Garlic) mix but for this cook I used ProQ’s Beef Rub which complimented the Beef very well!

Beef Short Rib
Beef Short Ribs
Beef Short Rib

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