Breakfast Fry Up Taco

Breakfast Fry Up Taco

A twist on the traditions of the Great British Fry up and the Mexican Taco.

Serves: 2

Allergens: WHEAT

Time: 40 minutes

BBQ Used: Monolith Le Chef Ceramic


4 Sausages (your favourite)
2 Slices of Streaky Bacon
1 Can of Baked Beans
4 Eggs
100g Baby Tomatoes – halved
100g Button Mushrooms – halved
4 Tortillas

20g Salted Butter – melted
20g Unsalted Butter – divided into 4
50g Black Pudding – sliced
1/4 TSP Cayenne Pepper
10ml Vegetable Oil
Jar of Sliced Jalapeno Pepper


1. Bring smoker up to 135C

2. Add Sausages to smoker and smoke for 30 minutes.

Note: use your preferred type of Sausages, for this I used Welsh Dragon which are Pork with a good hit of Chilli.

3. Whilst sausages are cooking, blend the Baked Beans until smooth and then pass through a sieve to remove any skins.

4. Add the Cayenne Pepper to the Baked Bean puree.

Note: Add more or less depending on your own requirements.

5. Grease small tins with Vegetable Oil, add Unsalted Butter to each tin then an Egg.

6. After 30 minutes of the Sausages smoking, add the Egg tins.

7. Move the Sausages to direct cooking and add the Streaky Bacon.

8. Grease the Plancha with Vegetable Oil and add the Mushrooms, Tomatoes, and Black Pudding.

9. Close the lid, the Eggs will take 10 minutes for soft and runny.

10. Turn the Sausages and Bacon over.

11. Add the Bean puree, stirring as it heats up.

12. Move all the cooked ingredients to hot hold whilst you prepare the Tortillas.

13. Brush each side of the Tortilla with melted Butter and grill for 30 seconds max on each side.

Note: Place done Tortillas in a piece of folded tin foil to keep warm.

14. To build the Taco, slice the Sausages and Streaky Bacon.

15. Spread a tablespoon Bean puree over the Tortilla and the rest of the cooked ingredients.

16. Garnish with the sliced Jalapeno Pepper and your choice of sauce.

My Opinion on the Cook

This was just me playing with a silly idea of my favourite type of Breakfast and the Taco. Originally, I was going to cut circles out of bread and roll the slices thinner but instead I went down the Tortilla route. What’s better than a Fry up in a Taco? Of course it tasted lovely!

On the Plancha
On the Plancha
On the Plancha
On the Plancha
Breakfast Fry Up Taco
Breakfast Fry Up Taco

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